Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wrapping up: good bye/reviews/pictures

I feel like I’ve just come out of a really deep slumber or maybe I’m just going into one. Nothing could have prepared me for the massive ‘thing’ that was devising a show. The past 6 weeks and beyond has consisted of Phoebe and I scratching and scouring our brains and bodies to piece together the show that was GORGE. And then the 5th of March came. Opening night… and gushes of bodies swarmed into the Old Folks hall and in a haze we handed the show over to a bunch of friends and family and strangers. I think I’d totally lost sight of any sort of concept of audience response which I think turned into a good thing – what a surprise it was to hear people laugh and sigh and smile and look disturbed and clap. I cannot stress how amazingly lucky I was to have been able to work with Phoebe. Anybody who has worked with her will back me up in saying that she is this wonderfully creative and open and unique being that just brings magic to everything she touches. I miss you already Phoebe and sometimes wish you weren’t a grown up who is at Uni doing a majorly important law degree. No, I don’t – I am happy for you. But I still miss you.

For anyone who missed the show or is interested here are some really lovely reviews:
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Some things I learnt from devising a show:
1.       People from all walks of life and your past will seek out your work and support you and come to your show and bring friends and be amazing
2.       You realise how amazing and giving your friends are whether it be lending you lights, speakers, baking you cakes or even just letting you rant in their ear for hours about weird shit
3.       It is really rewarding putting on your own work as opposed to doing random projects if you are not connected with them in some way.

Anyway I would just like to thank everyone for coming to our little show. It meant so much to have such wonderful audiences every night. And also just thank you to everyone who helped in someway or another - we can't tell you how much we appreciate it.  Here is a little collection of photos from our journey.
Lot's of love, virginia.

phoebe+i outside our shop staple - geoff's emporium (wearing matching sunglasses)
phoebe and virginia's pride and joy - cobham's corn field
painting pig 'porko'
paper mache cake
rehearsal snacks - corn and choc
the human scarecrows
craft dud - this 'baby corn doll' that burst into flames didn't quite make the cut. #reject
after weeks of deciding what to call our main 'corn' character we decided on 'Cobham'. Look what we found on the wall of the Old Folk's Ass on the day we left the venue. #spooky
these guys are all amazing.
the set after our final show
who knew phoebe is a WHIZZ with chords and other technical stuff i don't understand
thank god for joseph, ruby and chris helping us set up!
the end of the party
token table
fringe awards. el vino did flow ;)
the gorges visit the venue
phoebe and the corn
amazing nana helping with the mammoth bedsheet backdrop
sore wrist. note: the red is not blood. it is craft paint.
just one of the many giant gorge feasts we created at lunchtime rehearsals
joseph carting everything in the trailer on the world's hottest day

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


things are happening.
phoebe is making bedsheet dresses for us to wear!!
chris is making sausages!
tim has sent out emails!
i am learning lines and making a toilet paper roll mountain.
we're recruiting a "Baking Crew" - anyone who wants to help with baking.. let us know! i've managed to rope my boyfriend and mum and nana in...
i am getting nervous and excited.
only 5 days till opening!
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